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Brush off the Cob Webs

This is a rather old blog (as in I was still pregnant with my now 15 month old which allows for the rambling nature and the fact that it doesn't really come to any sort of point) but I don't think it ever saw the light of day. It is rather random to throw it in the mix right now but, as I was suppose to be studying the other day, I ran across it, read it and thought "hey, that needs to be posted." So, here it is. I called it brush off the cob webs for 2 reasons... 1) pregnancy brain is messed up thing and 2) it is old. So anyway, here ya go:


I know that any "Stay at Home Mom" (SAHM) has contemplated, read about, argued over, stood up for and/or questioned her choice to assume the poorly named roll. There is a plethora of articles, jokes, support groups, play groups, message boards and product lines concerning the SAHM already out there. However, I find it interesting and have time on my hands (bed rest sucks) so, let's discuss...

Over the years, "mom" has played many different roles all with varying degrees of involvement with the actual children. I'm not looking to argue who was the best over the generations but I assume we can all agree on a few things. Mother is heavily defined by century, generation, "class" (oh! I said it! You know it's real), country of origin, age at conception (of both mother and child), # of living children... these and many more factors play a vital role in expectation. Growing up, we all, at some point thing, "I will never *insert something your mother did that you seem to think you will not repeat*" or "When I have kids I will always *insert your childless opinion here." I love to talk with those couples that are pre-child. It all seems so cut and dry, but I digress. Though our current generation has come a long way, making great strides at reviving the importance of being fully involved in child rearing, we still a long way to go. There are so many opinions on right from wrong out there that I couldn't even begin to name them off. Let's face it though, there are some down-right weird ideas on parenting. I mean, come on people, we are raising adults whom we expect to eventually leave the nest and survive on his/her own. That is for another day though. A day when I feel like poking bears with sticks.

Back to the point:

Recently, our growing family was in need of a new car. I DREAD this process but I actually took some interesting, other than the keys to a new car, away from the table. Our salesman, Gordon, actually spoke to ME more than to my husband. I am a sight for sore eyes, especially with the pregnancy cleavage but none-the-less, I was impressed. (BTW, he was looking me in the eye, not the boobs) Now, we haven't bought a car in LONG time so maybe this is more common place than I realize but I was impressed. After all, I am the one that will be driving this thing all over God's green earth so shouldn't you sell me on the upgrades? Joe is just the one paying for it *wink, wink*. When we got around to price and financing, I found another interesting tid-bit. The government gives us a job title! Now, I already knew this bit of information but as we sat at the far to small table doing the final price dance, it had some time to wobble around in my head. The government calls us "homemakers" and puts in consideration of the family's net worth. Homemaker. Homemaker? That word.... I can't wrap my head around it. I personally prefer "Domestic Goddess". Domestic Guru could work. Guru would pull in stay-at-home dads as well. Now, talk about stigma... poor dads! Most of these guys work just as hard as us girls. Isn't the point that you (be it mom or dad) are the one raising your children? Male or female, we are still responsible for raising the happiest, hippest, smartest, healthiest, most well rounded next generation that we can possibly crank out. We are responsible for feeding, cleaning, cleaning up after, teaching and playing with our young ones as well as being doctor, therapist, coach and chauffeur all while maintaining the family budget and calendar, creating a comfortable home, and ensuring our involvement in community, the betterment of the environment AND being healthy OURSELVES! It can get overwhelming quickly.

Now, I totally give props to the working moms and dads and single parents. You guys rock too but right now I am applauding, throwing my hands up in the air, and cheering loudly for SAHM. YOU ROCK!


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