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Minty Fresh Breath

No matter how hard I try to ignore it, the entire universe is trying to tell me to slow down and breathe. It is summer break and visions of grandeur have my eyes fogged over. Knowing that we have all of this "free time" is almost more than my OCD mind can handle. It's like Christmas eve to an eager child on the verge... not knowing if he should follow his heart or his head on the realness of Santa.




I was pening a blog post on this very subject as I was continually interupted by someone needing something. Frustration was insueing even as I was writting of the importance of breath. My post was quickly turning from hopefully helpful and insightful story to a full on whine feast rant. That just wouldn't do, so I gave in and walked endless laps around the house and yard with the mini-est me.




Yoga was AMAZING last night (thanks Sarah and Jude). It was focused on... wait for it... BREATHING!! No, really, it was! Breathing in fully and allowing your exhale to rinse it all out. Continually reminding us to breath fully, Jude made me sweat more than I ever have... like ever. Talk about a yoga cleanse. I was so refreshed after my time in the "hot box" that I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face if I had tried. I didn't try, btw.




My goal is to take a page from the book of kid. They, mine at least, seem to know how to take advantage of the day...


I make no promises but I will try my best to walk with her as much as she wants. It makes her giggle and squeal with excitment to find adventure in her every day.




I will dig in the sand, fly on the swings and dance. To quote Oriah Mountain Dreamer:


I am not naive. I know it will be difficult, but I have hope that the strength of my longing to love [them] well will guide me in being a better mother.I can honestly say there is nothing I want more in my life. Maybe this is what makes parenting so hard- it matters so much.




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