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Allergies and Testy 1 year old

The smallest mini-me is learning to walk. She wants to walk EVERYWHERE! This is a major mile-stone and one parents should be proud of. Yes, I agree. Want to walk around with her? Me neither. I have been doing it for two weeks. She has toys that are meant to be pushed along by budding toddlers, furniture at the perfect height for cruising. a musical table just begging for her play and 3 "helpful" siblings whom still think it fun to hold her hand as she wanders around seeing the sights. BUT NO, she only wants me. Just mommy. Yes, yes, I know, you don't have to leave a comment about how much I should cherish this time because there will come a point when she doesn't want to hold my hand anymore. Save it, I've heard it. I've even reminded myself of it. It doesn't help anymore. "You don't want her to walk because then she'll be into everything". YES I DO! "You don't want her to walk because then you won't be able to keep up with her." YES I WILL, this ain't my first time at the rodeo. "Oh, she is still so little." In stature, not in attitude.

I don't know that I would be so snippy if weren't for the insane allergy attack I'm dealing with. I hate it! My allergies have greatly improved with the improvement of the family diet but when they strike, watch out. My allergies laugh in the face of medication and crush Neti pots with one hand tied behind their back (do allergies have hands? You get the picture).


BUT, despite my little rant there. Our day has gone swimmingly well. I am babysitting two extra kiddos today which brings us to a grand total of 6 youngesters running around. We ran errands this morning and at each stop I was asked "are they all yours?" I happily look each and every person in the eye, smile brightly and respond "Yes." Then go about my buisness. It's fun. We finished off our errands by having lunch at the park. We are blessed with a very park friendly community and they are beautiful. Wilson was the pick of the day and after eating we played "The Hunt for Big Foot" through the paths in all the wooded planting areas. It is a perfect spot for adventrue though, now that I think about, maybe not so good for my allergies...


Tonight we will be having pulled BBQ pork. I made a pork roast a few weeks ago and, being the fabulous planner that I am, made it 2x as big as was needed. I did so for this very reason. Tonight will only require whipping up some fabulous bbq sauce and making some veggies. The side of choice tonight is sauted zucchini and straight neck yellow squash (my FAVORITE!) I think that I will use the cherry bbq sauce recipe from Michelle at NomNom Paleo. It is heavenly! I even made it once with cranberries and the sharp tartness was perfection. Btw, frozen cranberries are yum-tastic and hit that sour craving on the head. Just sayin'.


I'm babysitting again tomorrow (this is a major trend for me) and think I will use what is left of the bbq pork (if any) to make a hearty scramble with some sweet potato hash. Man, I'm hungry just thinking about it!

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