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First, I would like say a great big THANK YOU to my amazing brother-in-law, David, for fixing my computer. I am all about "unplugging" from time to time but man, it was getting a bit hairy out there.

Last night I started supper a little late. We were happily playing in the pre-summer lovliness that is NWA and I simply lost track of time. (shameless plug here) NO PROBLEM because I was prepared and it was delicious! A healthy version of beef stroganoff... only I didn't have mushrooms so I used spinach. Even my extremely non-primal dad scarfed it down.

I, however, had to eat much later. Very rare for me not sit and eat with the family but, as I said before, we were running late. Now, let me give you a bit more info on that... Because I was prepared and make quick meals, I did, in fact, have time to sit with the family. I simply did not eat because I was headed to hot yoga. An hour and half of power vinyasas in a 90 degree room with a belly full of supper does not sound like my idea of a good time. I did have a handful of pistachios and enjoyed some conversation with my little bitties.

  • I'm completely hooked on hot yoga. I sweat more than I do on a crazy long run yet feel so revived I can get TONS of things done when I get home!
  • I'm also hooked on this seasoning mix I found. Weber "Kick'n Chicken". It is a mix of onion, garlic, red pepper, orange and much more. Sprinkle it on some chicken breast and broccoli to grill then top the chicken with strawberry salsa... summer on a plate! It works on fish, beef and all sorts of veggies so don't let the name hold you back.
  • My youngest mini-me just turned 1. She got a puppy named Violet from some good friends. (no worries, it is a toy, not a real dog). I am completely in love with this thing, as is the baby.
  • I'm also crazy additicted to watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe and pineapple right now.

I have a baby yanking on my leg... and oddly enough to eat it I think... so I guess I have given you enough of my favorite things for now. Insert Julie Andrews song here.


I hope you have a Fantastic pre-summer day, we will!!




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