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Confessions of a Cave Mom

I have been thinking a lot about the old saying "Keeping up with the Jones's". Do you do this? I know that I am guilty of it. The grass is always greener and all that jazz. It is truly hard for me to imagine a person whom has never looked at someone or something longingly and thought "if only..." 


I have been working so very hard on this aspect of my life. As I write this, I am watching my cave baby scarf down yogurt covered raisins and animal crackers. I think that tips the scale straight into the non-paleo side of the great divide. WAIT, don't pass out. Place your head between your knees and take deep, slow breaths. I'll wait... we good?? GREAT!


I have been inspired to confess. To confess to you, the innocent reader whom does not know me personally, just how flawed I am, how I deal with it and, hopefully, how you can deal with your flaws as well.


We'll keep this to Paleo for the sake of time and emotion...


First, let me express just how brave and fantastic YOU are for searching out a healthy alternative to what goes on your dinner table. As a society, we move through life in a graceful dance of speed and convience. You are taking steps to take back control and, for that, you deserve applause. BRAVO!!


Now, lets talk about our children. In my home you will find: bread, peanut butter, animal crackers, yogurt, cheese, and da da da (dramatic music) NUTELLA!!!! You will also find a large amount of fresh fruit, nuts, meat of many different varities, an insane amount of veggies, "green juice" (Murphy's Favorite), hard boiled eggs and many other paleo approved  foods. Here's the thing...


My family and I suffer varying degrees of gluten and lactose intolerence from pretty darn bad to ehh, I'm good. None of us suffer from food allergies. Therefore, we have no strict restrictions. That being said, I am teaching my children to make good choices so I try to keep the best choices I can in the house. Kids are kids, though and my daughter would LIVE on PB&J if I would allow it. I have tried most every different nut butter known to man including making my own and she will only eat peanut butter. SHE IS FIVE AND IS NOT ALLERGIC! I let her have peanut butter. I chose brands with NO HFC, no ingredients I cannot pronounce and would rather stir it and keep it in the fridge than have added oil. Our favorite is Publix Natural Creamy but as there are no Publix vailable in our area, we settle.


My kids like yogurt and apple sauce. They could be eating potato chips and snack cakes so I'm good with it. I choose simple, natural yogurts and natural, no sugar added apple sauce. We also have a rule in the house that food is not eaten from bags. Servings of items like animal crackers that come in large containers are seperated out into bowls. You eat more slowly when you can see the bottom of the bowl and get that sense of "I finished so I'm done." Also, if you have a snack that is not on the paleo scale, you have to balance with a healthy snack like an apple or cutie. Frozen cranberries, blueberries, strawberries and grapes are great snacks as well. The cold slows the eater down and brings out tartness that curbs the want for sugar. We also love smoothies!! Murphy's favorite is green juice (aka green godess, green machine and the like) and ice, blended of course. Keegan loves strawberries and bananas. I often throw in carrots or tomatoes to stawberry type drinks and spinach and kale hide nicely in darker colored ones.


Moving away from children, I LOVE BEER! Oh yea, I said it and yes, I would marry it... what? Ok, seriously, a finely crafted beer is like a work of art and should be enjoyed. Now, that said, I am not a lush and am perfectly happy having my red wine but as I type, there is no fewer than 3 different types of beer chilling the fridge. Just sayin'. My true downfall, however, is dessert. I always have dark chocolate hidden out somewhere in the house. I often say that I work out so that I can eat as much dessert as I want. I wish that there were not a bit of truth in that statement...


Now, let me tell you some of things we do that are true to form. Breakfast is normally eggs or pancakes made with bananas, almond flour or sweet potatoes. Leftovers make excellent scrambles. If you are in a hurry, a hard boiled egg and piece of fruit are great hold overs until you can have a better meal. Lunch, other than Kendall, is typically lunch meat rolled up with some kind of fruit and some kind of veggie or left overs from the night before. Obviously, you know what we have for supper. Like I said, fruit and veggies are never in short supply around here and rarely restricted. Water is easily accessible in a filter pitcher in the fridge so that even the 3 year old can have a nice glass of crispy cold H2O whenever he wants... man I'm thirsty, hold on...


When we go on playdates (which, btw, when did it become a date?), I pack snacks. Applesauce pouches, string cheese (full fat), nuts (as long as no one we are seeing is allergic), turkey or ham rolls, cut up fruit... you get the idea. Always, water. This way, we are never caught off guard by the hunger bug.


What I am saying is, make the best choices you can for your family. Pending you have no food allergies, keep in mind the lesson learned with Eve. If you forbid it, it becomes WAY more tempting. Now, I'm not saying have a ton of junk in the house either. Love soda but have it only on occasion when out to eat. Your friends invite you over to have burgers... stand strong and resist the bun but let yourself have some white potato salad. There are worse things in life... at least that is my humble opinion. I am not perfect nor do I expect you to be.


BTW, Nutella is supper tasty on apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas and even bacon. Really, try it!


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    Chummy_chum (Tuesday, 28 May 2013 14:13)

    Hi there! I just stumbled upon your site. I like the way you write. And I like your take on healthy eating. I too have a dark chocolate stash hidden somewhere in the house. Great tip on the "no bags" rule. Thanks!